Linux, Insteon & Misterhouse

Greetings all,

My friend and I are working on setting up some sweet home automation systems but have found that trying to get all the pieces to play well is incredibly difficult. We are trudging through but have made sure to document our process in case others are interested.

We are basically using CentOS and installing Misterhouse on it to work with the Insteon Modem to control Insteon devices throughout the house.

The question I have for this group is whether or not anyone would be interested in knowing how we did what we are trying to do.

I have already purchased the domain name

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plan on putting up some sort of free wordpress site or something to let people discuss more about these three specific products (Linux, Insteon & Misterhouse) working together. I have some screen shots and tutorials I plan to write as well... that is if anyone even cares to read such things.

I personally found there was an incredible lack of documentation on getting these three guys (Linux, Insteon & Misterhouse) to play well.

In the mean time, I will just enjoy reading all the creative stuff you guys are up to.


- Peter

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Peter Schmalfeldt
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I'm not sure you've chosen a good name for your site. It's very likely that you're infringing on a trademark.

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