CFL question - dimming CFLs any good with X-10 dimmers ?

Well as the title says, I am curious if there are any glitches using the
Dimmable CFLs with X-10 or Smarthome modules. I don't need dimming but I
don't want to replace all my wall dimmers with wall mounted relays.
Anyone found a good brand of CFL twists that are dimmable ? Sylvania make a
couple but I think they are spots.
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I tried a few brands of CFLs on X10 back a few years ago but none of them dimmed. They only tolerated a dimmer, despite what their packaging claimed.
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I tried it with FEIT 100W equivalent dimmables (from Home Depot). They did NOT work.
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Russ in San Diego
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: Pico,
Generally, even "dimmable" CFL's are going to be a PITA with electronic dimmers. Lighting levels along their dimming ramp are unpredictable, and it will decrease the life of the bulb. There are electronic dimmers available for LED spots, and other ELEV lighting, but it's the X-10 component of your post that worries me.
I don't think there's any place for X-10 any longer integrated systems, it's far too glitchy. You want to be looking at a zigbee or z-wave based automation system. Otherwise, you're going to be beating your head against the wall dealing with customer service issues.
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