TVs around house with movies stored on server in basement.

I am building a house and doing the wiring right now. I want to be able to watch movies in the bedrooms and great room that are stored on a computer that will be in a closet in the basement. What would be the best way to set this up to watch the stored movies in these rooms? What do I need to wire for right now before the drywall goes up? Thankyou for your input. Gary

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Why don't you just run RG6 coax from the basement to each room you'd invision having a TV? Each run should be a homerun. No breaks or splices.

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I'd run HDMI cable everywhere, along with a CAT 5.

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Frank Olson

What kind of flexibility do you want?

One movie sent simultaneously to all TVs or allowing each TV to decide what to watch when they want to watch it?

Sending a video signal via RG6 or HDMI will get you one program (two if you run a dual system) into every TV.

To allow the people to watch what you want, when you want, you would be talking setting up a video server onto a network (wired or wireless, I would think that wired is better) and have a network player in each room.

I haven't started looking seriously at this yet but know that some of the PVR software will work that way, using a local processor to display the video that is recorded (including TV programs via a receiver card in the server) on a local display. I was hoping that a very minimal (footprint) computer could be set up with that really only needs the screen display and a pointing device to access the menus for the video system (OK, and a keyboard when you want to check email from that room). I don't know but expect that there will be some sort of premade receiver for this available that is less flexible and smaller than a computer.

I did happen to see an ad for a TV recently

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that had a wireless network connection for receiving video from a server built into it. I was thinking that this could lead to a server and possibly the network receivers to put next to non-wireless TVs.

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B Fuhrmann


I have the RG6 in place now.

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