Directional Driveway Sensor Choices?

In doing far too much research I have found TWO (2) very different approaches to Directional driveway alarms that use probes.

I am only looking at probe systems as I really don't want to cut up my driveway to put in loops.

The First solution is the Central Processor with probes (similar to :

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The second solution is to use TWO (2) Cartell CP-2's and connect the datalines.

The cost is relatively the same. as the Central processor version is ABOUT $500. The cartell solution is little less but you need 2 units.

My question: Who has used these and what were your impressions? Which do you prefer? Why?

My probes will be about 350 cable feet from my panel, about 40-50 feet from the road.

Thanks for the input....

Ooops, one question about the Cartell, do I need to run BOTH cables back, or can I just run 1-set the 15' between units, and then splice THAT to the long run back the house with power and two relay closures? (3-pair shielded?)


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Bob Sisson
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I currently have and use the

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unit and love it, i installed it about a month ago, and once setup it is very accurate, and have no false alarms as of yet. I wired two Interface modules into the control box, and have it sending out one x10 code for leaving and one for arrviving, and i have my homeseer software announcing in a pleasent voice that "A Car has entered the driveway" or "A car is leaving the driveway" In addition to a door bell sound ONLY for a car arriving..


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