Driveway warning/alert

I currently have an X10 driveway motion sensor. It detects way too many things, clouds, neighbors, birds... I guess I need an positive beam breaking system. Anyone have one they like?



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Al Schmidt
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Consider Cartel detectors. Best out there. Get them at Worthington

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I use a gas station bellhose

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Nick Hull

Another vote for Cartel. I've used three of them (they detect direction of motion on a "Y" shaped road) for over 5 years and never had a problem. Since they respond to ferrous metals, they don't detect people, animals, etc., only vehicles. Mine are buried about 1 foot down in a gravel road with the cable in pvc conduit.

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Not only are they good, they are built right here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I will pass your good comments on to Leroy then next time I stop in at Preferred Technology to pick up one. Good people and very knowledgeable.


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