any one have any experience with this new product?

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Since it is not shipping yet, my guess is that no one has much experience with this product.

Unlike others who throw a fit if they suspect a hidden commercial motive in a post such as yours, I'd like to thank you for pointing out something I might be interested in buying, if it lives up to its promise, and the price is right.

The website was slow to load, and I left wondering exactly how the system works. In particular: How does the remote notification work? What level of remote control is possible? What role does the required telephone line play?

Having the ability to use a mobile phone service to send text messages would be nice. With Virgin Mobile, you can have the service for $5 per month, and sending a text message is 10 cents, receiving is free. While I realize this would take some clever engineering, it nicely sidesteps a couple of problems. If the system is for a rental unit, you have to either use a tenant's phone line, or install a dedicated line. If you are worried about break-ins, a cell system eliminates cutting the phone lines as a way to disable the system.

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