AMX Phast System

I had a Phast AMX system installed in my new home 4 years ago. Lighting
control, audio, home theater, HVAC control, etc. The works... Have had
many problems with hardware and software through the years. My original
installer still supports the installation, but he is so busy with new
installs here in the Washington DC area that he is impossible to reach.
Does anyone have any recommendations of people or companies to use to
support my Landmark software?
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Bruce R
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Try these guys. I recently met Daniel at an AMX function and his team appears to be very reputable. Good luck, Henry -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daniel D. Duesing President 3D Audio Visual Communications, Inc. 8820 Michaux Lane Richmond, VA 23229 Office: 804-750-2250 Fax: 804-750-2251 Cellular: 804-839-1731 Email: AMX Certified Expert
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BTW, I am currently moving from Phast to Crestron (and swapping out all the Phast lighting gear for Lutron). I have lots of "unobtanium" gizmos, like 2-way remote (portable) color LCD touch panels, a large touch spanel (wired) used in a theater room, A/V matrix, 9 keypads, PCS modules, cardframe, boards, and a boatload of Phast lighting switches if someone is looking for spare parts. I have no idea what they are worth, but I understand that some of the items, like the light switches and the touch screens are very hard to come by now that AMX has pretty much bowed out of HA.
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