WEP Failing With Belkin 7230. WPA Works?

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I've got a situation I'm hoping the folks here can help me with.

I was previously running a BEFSR41 from my DSL Modem. Then from there
I was using a Belkin 7230-4 as an AP. The Linksys had my main comp
connected via Cat5, and the AP connected 2 other computers from other
rooms. Everything was fine. Aside from the fact the Linksys locked
every 2 1/2 days and needed a reboot, the wireless side was rock solid
with WPA.

Now, current situation. Last night I decided to use a spare 7230 to
bridge in my XBox...I had to downgrade to WEP since bridging does not
support WPA. I downgraded to 128 bit wep. So far the briding works as
the XBox connects to the net fine (So far). However the original 2
comps that were connected to the first AP off the Linksys are not
working now. They will connect, I'll get about 1-2 minutes of net
connectivity, then they will disconnect with an error they could not
connect to the network.

Any ideas? This is baffling me. Everything was fine with WPA. I've
checked and re-checked my WEP keys several times.

Thanks for any insight anyone may have.

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