MVTS II ver.1.5.3-70l available for install

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Product: MVTS II ver.1.5.3-70l

Details: Softswitch, Billing, LCR, H323 and SIP support, conversion

Setup requirements: 2 Linux servers

Scalability: 500-10000 concurrent calls

Prefect Wholesale Solution , Prepaid and Postpaid Switching platform

Native support of H323 and SIP + proxy + protocol conversion (no need of SIP HIT any more)
Codec conversion (G.729, G.729A, G.723.1, G711A-Law, G.711mU-Law, GSM FR, Speex, iLBC)
Least Cost Routing
Prepaid features
Inter/Intrastate routing
Real-time profitability control
Hierarchial system partitioning
Call Statistics and Analysis (QoS, ASR, ACD etc.)
Load balancing mechanism, cluster and replication system is possible
Advanced Hosting Solutions

* Software Upgrade, capacity upgrades , database problems , technical support , Training , available *

We provide full installation, at some extra fee you can order tech support, configuration of your system per your requirements.
We can do updates for you after Mera releases the new version with some few update fees Affordable prices,
quick problem resolving, professional attitude!

skype: mera2solutions
You email or msn on to ask any questions.

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