Lucent DSL MAX 20 packet loss

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Hi there

We have three Lucent DSL MAX 20 connected to a Cisco switch. There are also
some other network devices and a linux box connected to the same switch. If
I am pinging to or from one of the three Lucent devices I have packet loss.
Pinging from and to the other devices connected to the switch works without
any packet loss. The switch and cables have already been replaced. On the
switch I see that on the fastethernet interfaces on which these three
Lucents are connected, the number of CRCs is constantly increasing. I also
noticed, that if there are more active DSL connections on the Lucent DSL
device there is more packet loss and more CRCs. There are two SDSL-16 cards
in each of the three DSL MAX 20 which allow 32 SDSL connections per device.
On one device we have 28 active connections and there is about 4% packet
loss. On the second Lucent there are 20 connections and there is about 1%
packet loss. On the third Lucent there is no active connection but still 1%
packet loss.

I have looked at all config options on the Lucents but did not find
anything that could solve this packet loss problem. Is there any known
hardware problem with this Lucent DSL MAX 20 devices? Could it be a wrong
setting on the device configuration? Or what else could cause this problem?

Thanks, Daniel

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