These 3 Fixtures of Modern Life Could Completely Disappear Within 25 Years [telecom]

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Back in 1993, an eerily prescient ad for AT&T tried to mine the
predictions from its in-house research wing Bell Labs about the
inventions we'd get to enjoy in the future. Directed by the famous
director David Fincher and suavely voiced by Tom Selleck, the spot You
Will, got a ton of stuff right.

Voice activated doorbells? Yup. University classes with students
joining remotely from around the globe? You bet. Video conferencing,
phone call receiving watches, and work meetings by the beach? Check,
check, and check. My local ATM isn't renewing driver's licenses quite
yet, but that's about all they got wrong. You can watch the full
series of spots cut together in the video below.

Bill Horne
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