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Hello all,

Does anyone know of any company that still makes magneto (hand crank) type phones???


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AFAIK, the Armed Forces of NATO still buy "Field" phones with magnetos in them, but if you're looking for a "Ma and Pa Kettle" version, I think you're out of luck.

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Not modern, but probably WE with real wood ringer boxes - try the local antique malls.

OOPS - just saw that you are in the UK; don't know if this [US-centric] advice will work there or not.

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Julian Thomas

As far as I know even the military no longer uses magneto signaling. The last field telephone produced was the TA-838/PT It used tone signaling. I do not know if they are still being manufactured.

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Tom Horne

I am looking for modern magneto phones for rail (signalling, emergency, crossings etc.) use in Europe, were there may be considerable distance between the phone and the switching equipment. There's got to be some company that still makes them???


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Last time I looked for magneto phones, I found them sold by underground mining safety supply companies.


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Hudson Leighton

Well, here's what I was able to find:

  1. Vendor: Tacticom USA, Camarillo, Ca, USA
1.1 Model No: TA-312/PT, Military Field Magneto Phone,
  1. Manufacturer: Peryphon Ltd, Rosh-Ha'ayin, Israel
2.1 Model No: TA-1099, Military Field Magneto Phone, 2.2 Model No: TA-2088, Military Indoor Magneto Phone,
  1. Manufacturer: Telereach, Bangalore, India
3.1 Model No: T-02 Railroad Magneto Telephone,

Hope this helps.

Later, LF

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Hello LF, T-02 is just what I'm looking for. Thanks for that!


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