Medical information leakage and junk phone calls [telecom]

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You know doctors and dentists make a big thing about privacy - they won't tell
you anything about a patient unless that patient has signed a form saying they
can release the information, and to whom.

Yet this kind of information gets leaked to telemarketers all the time.  Some
years ago I had borderline high blood sugar, and I started getting telemarketing
calls from companies dealing in diabetic supplies.  More recently I gave my
phone number to another person's doctor, because she was having trouble keeping
up with her appointments.  One of her complaints is chronic pain, and now I'm
getting telemarketing calls from companies dealing with that kind of ailment.

So it seems your best friend can't get the info without your permission, but
the telemarketers are getting it without permission.  I wonder who in the
medical chain of people is getting paid to leak that information to the

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