SOHO application to handle phone calls? [telecom]


Someone I know would like to work part-time from her home handling phone calls from a doctor's office.

To get started, she only needs a reliable phone line and an analog modem with support for CallerID, a headset + mike connected the phone card, and an application that can read the CID and pop up a window where she can enter the caller's infos. She works on Windows, and the app should share its data somehow so the doctor can see the calls without any copy/pasting.

Are there free/cheap applications that do this? If business picks up, she can always buy a more professional solution later. If there's a more appropriate site where to ask, please point me in the right direction.

Thank you.

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This posting arrived without an email address, but the header info leads me to believe that the poster is seeking info for someone in France.

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