Ars reviews three cell signal boosters -- and they actually work [telecom]

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I've spent a lot of time talking about how Wi-Fi works and reviewing
various products aimed at fixing Wi-Fi dead spots. But today, in our
increasingly need-to-always-connect world, what do you do if you've
got an LTE (cellular service) dead spot?

Searching Amazon for cellular signal boosters feels like navigating a
minefield. Prices range anywhere from $180 to $1,000 and up, and
reviews tend to be all over the place for every device
offered. Serendipitously, the owner of reached
out to me while I was dithering, and the site offered to let me test a
few of the signal boosters they carry. I described two problem areas
to him as fertile grounds for testing - my partial basement floor, and
my parents' rural house - and we picked out three products to test.

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