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Can anyone recommend a faq about repeaters or boosters for cell phones? I want to put an antenna in my house to improve reception and use generally. I'm not all that interested in renting some sort of cell phone to voip service from a provider, but rather making the house a better place for cell traffic generally.

Most of the stuff I've found is all but written by the supplier, the rest [is] about voip converters.

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George Kamenz
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I have seen YAGI antennas that you can put on your roof, in fact I have one, never used it since I never needed one, a friend gave it to me.

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Do you have a minimally decent Internet connection in your house?

Our house is in a cellphone dead zone for Verizon -- we get one flickering signal bar ("tower") in the display on our phones, and essentially unusable connectivity.

After years of this, we just bought a Verizon "femtocell" (Wireless Network Extender); plugged it into one of the Ethernet ports on our Comcast router; it got itself connected to its mother ship within minutes; and now we have essentially our own private tower, with 4 bars throughout the house. Purchase price $220 (my wife argued the Verizon store down from $250 on the basis of the lousy signal strength in our area); handles three or four simultaneous calls; and no monthly charges. The user guide says it will work with 400 KB DSL, though we have a lot more bw from Comcast. Seems great; if you have any questions about it, I can try to respond.

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There are two ways you can go about this.

1) You can get an antenna to place on your dwelling and run coax down into your place with an amplifier that feeds into your mobile phone. 2) You can also get a repeater which will amplify the signal strong enough to feed multiple phones at your location from manufacturers such as Wilson Electronics. It can cost you upwards of $700 but if you have marginal reception it's probably what you need.
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Joseph Singer

I've no idea if these products are any good, but they are much less than $700:

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