Please Help - Major Convergence problem with Panasonic 53X54

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I would really appreciate any help with this matter. I have had a
Panasonic PT-53X54J for almost two years now and have been very happy
with it. It has given me no problems at all until now. A few days ago
one of our dogs pee'd on the front grill of the TV. I cleaned up the
front and then realised that you could take the front grill off. I
pulled the TV out and (gently) rocked it back about six inches and put
the front up on blocks so I could easily get to the screws to take the
front panel off. When I got it off I could see that the front panel
only really covers the speakers and no electronics would have gotten
"wet". Anyway I cleaned up the panel, put it back on, (gently) put the
TV back down and pushed it back into place. I turned the TV on and it
was fine - we watched TV all night and had now problems.

The next day I turned the TV on and the geometry and convergence were
WAY off - unwatchably off. Additionally, when you press the
auto-convergence button, it says "Auto Convergence in process" and then
goes black and when it comes back on after 30 seconds or so it looks
the same (really bad). Also, regular convergence does not work. I have
found that if I mess around with it enough (turning it off and on,
changing the input around) that I can eventually get it to autoconverge
and then fine converge and the TV works and looks fine. I have not
determined the 100% foolproof method yet to get it to converge. If I
turn it off overnight I have the same problem the next day. If I turn
it off for 15 minutes it comes on just fine. I have not experimented
with other lengths of time.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what my possible
problem was. I can say with all honesty that I did not jostle or jar
the tv in any way and I can't imagine rocking it back a little would
cause a chip or a board to go (but it seems like an awful coincidence).
Anyway, any help would be appreciated....

Dr. Nick

Re: Please Help - Major Convergence problem with Panasonic 53X54

DrNickRiviera wrote:
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Possibly just letting it warm up an hour or so would work?

If you bought it with one of certain credit cards, e.g. Am.
Express, which doubles the manufacturer's warranty
period, since you've had it less than 2 years, maybe
you can get it serviced for free.

Maybe eventually the dog urine will dry up, and it will
just start working again.

I have that model TV, too.  Great set.


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