Need help understanding how ipv4 and ipv6 coexist

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I'm trying to understand something that happened in our network recently. C
urrent, we're all ipv4 based, but a few machines here and there have ipv6 e
nabled by mistake. Everything has been working ok, but recently we had some
 dhcp issues. I'm trying to understand how exactly ipv6 and ipv4 work toget


- if we have workstations with ipv6 enabled but no dhcpv6 servers, does the
 ff02::1:2 multicast address exist on the network? If something starts up a
 dhcpv6 server somewhere, would that explain why several workstations have  
started sending out dhcpv6 solicit messages?

- If workstations attempt to get an address via dhcpv6 and get no response,
 will it try dhcp with ipv4, or will it just assign a 169.254.*.* address?

Re: Need help understanding how ipv4 and ipv6 coexist
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Those questions are not about your router but about your workstations.
It is better to ask them in a group that discusses the operating system
that is running on them.

In general, dhcpv6 is not the protocol in use.
IPv6 addresses are more often assigned by radvd (stateless autoconfig).

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