MAC flapping reported between 2 port channels on Nexus 5596

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Hi all, I'm seeing messages like the following reported on a Nexus 5596:

2015 Jan  7 12:40:48.954 Switch-5596A %FWM-6-MAC_MOVE_NOTIFICATION: Host 00ab.cdef.0123 in vlan 104 is flapping between port Po5 and port Po10

Po5 is connected to a storage cluster and is configured as an access port:

interface port-channel5
  description Storage Shelf 1
  priority-flow-control mode off
  switchport access vlan 104
  spanning-tree port type edge
  spanning-tree bpduguard enable
  speed 10000
  flowcontrol receive on
  vpc 5

Po10 is the uplink to the core switch:

interface port-channel10
  description uplink
  switchport mode trunk
  switchport trunk native vlan 2702
  switchport trunk allowed vlan 64,94,104,124
  spanning-tree port type network
  speed 10000
  vpc 10

Any ideas on why we would be seeing these log messages?

Thank you.

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