vpdn on 6500

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i wish configure LNS L2TP on 6500 but i dont have vpdn commands,

does anybody knows witch ios do i use for this ?

thanks for all responses

Re: vpdn on 6500

IOS:  Depending on your needs, a more basic IOS could do a GRE tunnel.  =
An IOS with K3 or O3 in the filename or advanced security or advanced IP =
services would offer more features.  Pay more attention to the features =
of the IOS file, not as much to the version number as long as it is at =
least 12.X.X.  It's the 21st century - no more IOS less than 12.X.X.

This is a bit complex - VPN could be done in several ways.

There are remote access VPN connections.
There are also site-to-site (LAN to LAN) VPN connections.
Whichever is used, there are several encryption methods.
There are also several different tunneling methods.

This is assuming the following:
     LAN-to-LAN VPN
     3DES encryption
     MD5 hash
     Both routers (6500 switch with MSFC) have IP addresses which can =
reach each other

  crypto isakmp policy 10
   encr 3des
   hash md5
   authentication pre-share
   group 2
  crypto ipsec transform-set MD5-3DES ah-md5-hmac esp-3des
   mode transport
  crypto isakmp key (pre-shared key) address (peer global IP address)
  crypto map myvpn 10 ipsec-isakmp
   set peer (peer global IP address)
   set transform-set MD5-3DES
   match address vpn-iprange
  interface (global IP address interface)
   crypto map myvpn
  ip access-list extended vpn-iprange
   permit ip (local VPN network subnet IP and wildcard mask) (remote VPN =
network subnet IP and wildcard mask)
  ip route (remote VPN network subnet IP and subnet mask) (subnet ID for =
global IP interface)  =20
Put that configuration on both devices.  The access-lists should be a =
mirror of each other.

There is another method which uses virtual interfaces (example - tunnel =
1) to establish a VPN connection.

     Scott Perry
Indianapolis, Indiana

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