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I've been in IT for twenty years and though I have worked on routers and
done basic/advanced TCP/IP troubleshooting have never considered Cisco

My coworker left his CCNA book on his desk and I thumbed through it and most
of the material were things I was familiar.

Anyway I was wondering.

1. What is the total cost for the testing?
2. How valuable is the CCNA in today's job market? I live in south Florida
and the main reason is if a storm comes this year and I have to leave, I
want to be ready for the job market wherever I end up.

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1.About 250$
2. A lot of people have it. In Poland you must have second level for serious
job offer. I don't know about work market in Florida.
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It wouldn't hurt.  Some employers may use CCNA as a resume filter, I know
mine does, just to weed out some of the applications that come through the

If you have pleanty of pratical experience, getting your CCNA wouldn't be
too hard.  There are probably a few things on Cisco tests that you won't run
into on your own production network (since every environment is unique), so
you will likely pick up a few tid-bits on the way.  Then when/if you
interview somewhere else, you could speak half-way intelligently about a
technology you have't actually touched - you will at least have a basic
level of knowledge about said technology.

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What does your employer pay for a CCNA?

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Not $70,000 to $80,000.

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1.  Testing = $125, preparation material can be as much as you need to
feel comfortable.  Plan on a minimum of $75.

2.  I'm an IT hiring manager in south Florida.  I value a CCNA cert,
which shows me a networking knowledge level, presuming that the
candidate can answer interview questions to confirm knowledge.

Remember, any certification can be seen as a tie-breaker, which is
always valuable.


Re: Opinion Wanted
What does an IT Manager in South Florida pay a CCNA?
Assume 1 person has a CCNA and no experience and another has a CCNA and
5-10/years experience?

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