Microsoft Networking through Cisco routers

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I need a little assistance understanding how it is technically done as I am
an aspiring Cisco Networking Engineer.  I worked for a community library
and we of course were connected to our branch libraries.  On any conencted
Windows computer on the network, you were able to browse to other machines
from the other branch libraries and able to access their shares and

Can someone explain to me how is this done exactly or help me in the right
direction?  I have a home lab that I have set up with a 2514 and two
windows computers on either ethernet device.  If I type in ComputerB's IP
address from ComputerA I can browse his shares, but if I try to just
blindly browse for other networks or other clients on the network I cannot
see the other computer.  

Thanks in advance.

Steve Morgan

Re: Microsoft Networking through Cisco routers
windows configures your ethernet network since you are administrator
but the network administrator has to admit your network into the
desired one. you're not on the network cloud that is why.
Steve Morgan wrote:
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Re: Microsoft Networking through Cisco routers

Steve Morgan wrote:
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You want what I guess are 2 different services / servers.
File and printer sharing
Netbios over tcp/ip  (aka netBT)

if you want to browse, you need F n P, AND NetBT.

F n P, you have on already, it's startable form the properties of your
Network Connection in win xp.

NetBT usually goes on when F n P is installed, but it can be disabled.
You want to enable it. The setting for it is in a funny place. It's in
the TCP/IP propeties, WINS settings.  You know, network connection
settings, tcp/ip properties, advanced, wins.  You can always search for
"enable netbios over tcp/ip".

F n P uses port 139 or 445. something like that
NetBT uses 137-139   (135 is RPC, it's not NetBT 'cos i've found it
still there even when disabling NetBT)

Daniel Petri has a good article
google daniel petri file and printer sharing 445 139 's_port_445_in_w2k_xp_2003.htm

Re: Microsoft Networking through Cisco routers
On Thu, 09 Nov 2006 17:05:01 -0600, Steve Morgan wrote:

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To be able to broswer to resources across a router you are going to need
either Active Directory with DNS or setup centralized WINS servers.

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