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 According to, a CCNA will average around $70,000 - $80,000/yr.

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On Apr 8, 8:45 am, wrote:
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i agree, but could you find the company who pay $70,000+ for CCNA
candidate, i am CCNA+MCP.

mail me on

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Plenty... Go to

Re: CCNA Salary
Been in the business over 10 yrs and still not at $70,000, with certs and
heavy hands on. So the reality is finding that company..

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 You also have to live in a Market/Region which also afford you
such a Salary. If you live in Middletown, Iowa, I doubt you'd make
$70,000. But if you lived in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Washington,
etc.. Then chances are, you'll make that money starting, or at least within
a few years.. No doubt about it...

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On 12 Apr 2007 04:36:49 -0700, "Cisco Learning Group"

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Remember a few things ... there is no job called "CCNA".  The CCNA
cert is a validation of some degree of networking knowledge, but is
merely a piece in the entire package that is "you".

Don't let "Payscale" confuse you.  It's reporting the salaries of
people who HAVE a CCNA, but most likely also have other
qualifications.  I have a CCNA, but I also have a BS in Computer
Science, an MBA, CISSP, and 30 years experience.  That's a lot
different than someone with little experience and a few certs.

Salary is supply and demand, pure and simple.  If I can find someone
to do a job for $50K, I'm not going to pay another person $70K to do
the same thing.

Make yourself more valuable.  CCNA is a beginning.  Go to the job
boards and look at what companies are requiring for $70K jobs.  I'll
be very surprised if the main qualification is CCNA.

Why stop at CCNA?  With experience and self-study, you can earn a CCXP
in a few years.

Find the job you really want ... then qualify yourself for it.

Good luck!

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