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Hi All,

I've taken the ICND test twice and the simulation question gets me
each time. Due to the time constraint of the test I run out of time to
really figure this question out. I'm not looking for the exact answer
to the question, just some basic help because I'm blanking out on this
question each time.

Basically, it's telling me to configure the IP addressing for one of
the routers so you can ping from one host to another router's

For example: Console --> Router A <--> Router B <-- Host A.

So I can access Router A with the console login, then I just get lost.
Router A has E0/0 and S0/0 with IP addresses, so I'm guessing the key
is to configure Router B. But it doesn't have any IP addresses (that I
know of) and this is where I blank out because I'm too worried about
running out of time.

Can someone give me a clue, I feel like it's a simple question and I'm
just missing something basic. Again I'm just looking for the big
picture on how to handle this question.



Re: CCNA / ICND Exam Simulation Question Help pisze:
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Yeap, you have to configure router B if you want to ping from host to
router. There is two scenario:

1)ping from host A to router B only:
- you have to put an IP to router B (Ethernet) and host (with proper IP
and netmask) and that's it.
2) form host A to router A:
- set an IP to S0 in router B (the same netmask as router A), E0 and set
an IP in host. PI at E0 in router and the IP in host must have the same
netmask. IMPORTANT. Don't forget about the routing protocol, or use the


Re: CCNA / ICND Exam Simulation Question Help
I guess
1) show cdp neighbour
when used on Router A will give you the IP address of Router B
you could also use it to Telnet to B
2) show cdp neighbour detail
to know more about B.

Re: CCNA / ICND Exam Simulation Question Help
We could tell you the answer to a specific exam question, which will help
you as long as that particular test pool runs. . . .
    . . . or . . .
. . . we could just discuss IP addressing and subnet-to-subnet communication
and you would be able to pass many questions on IP address communication.

Since no one on here should tell you answers to exam questions, I will try
to provide you a method to trace the problem in an IP to IP communucation
flow.  The idea is to make you be able to pass that question when . . . (oh
no!) . . they actually re-word it into another question!

STUDY TOPICS:  IP address subnetting, static routes, dynamic routing
protocol (basics)
Also, in any practice lab setup, look at the routing table contents for
routers in various setups.  What routes do they know about?  How do they
know about the existence of subnets on the other side of routers?  How do
you make a router know where to send traffic to another subnet?


 - RouterA has interface Serial 0 configured with an IP address.
 - RouterA has interface Ethernet 0 configured with an IP address.
 - RouterB has interface Serial 0 unconfigured.
 - RouterB has interface Ethernet 0 unconfigured.
 - RouterA interface Serial 0 and RouterB interface Serial 0 are connected
 - a computer host is connected to RouterB interface Ethernet0

You have total control of RouterA and can console connect only into RouterA.

There will be 3 IP address subnets.
#1 - the IP address range connected to RouterA on the Ethernet 0 interface
#2 - the IP address range connecting RouterA Serial 0 to RouterB Serial 0
#3 - the IP address range connected to RouterB on the Ethernet 0 interface

(Subnet #1) - RouterA - (Subnet #2) - RouterB - (Subnet #3) - Host

In the situation you presented, you have a console connection into RouterA.
Subnet #1 should not matter here because you are trying to verify a
connection, probably with PING, from RouterA to the host computer on the
other side of RouterB.

From the console connection of RouterA, use the command "show cdp neighbor
detail" to verify the IP address configuration of your neighbor router,
RouterB.  If RouterB has an IP address configured, verify that it is in the
same subnet as the IP address of RouterA interface Serial 0.  If they are
not in the same subnet, change the IP address for interface Serial 0 on
RouterA so that they can communicate.

Once IP communication between the routers has been established, telnet into
RouterB from RouterA.  Verify that RouterB has interface Ethernet 0
configured and that it has an IP address on that interface which is in the
same subnet as the IP address of the host computer.

Now that you have gained insight into each router, what are the results of a
"show ip route" command on each?
Does each router know of the existance of each of the three subnets
mentioned above?
If RouterA does not know about the IP address subnet which exists on the far
side of RouterB, how does it know where to send that data?

You can enter a command such as "show ip route" to find out
where a router would send network traffic destined for that particular IP
address.  This will help you know if a router knows where that destination
IP address or subnet IP address is located.

This is where you may get into either configuring a static route on RouterA
to point to RouterB to get to the aforementioned Subnet #3.
Alternately, you may configure a dynamic routing protocol on both routers
such as RIP to advertise all of their connected subnets to their neighbors.

Additional Ideas:
Ensure that none of the IP address subnets overlap.
Ensure that all interfaces are in an up/up state.


I may not tell you the answer to an exam question, but I hope by walking you
through a troubleshooting process and pointing out various factors that you
may do better on your next attempt AND perform well on the job while working
under the title of CCNA.

Best of luck!


     Scott Perry
Indianapolis, Indiana
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Re: CCNA / ICND Exam Simulation Question Help

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the info, that's exactly what I was looking for. The steps
to trouble-shoot the problem, not just the answer. Just like they say,
"you can give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, you know how the
rest goes....."



Re: CCNA / ICND Exam Simulation Question Help
Thx for the help guys, Passed the test yesterday with a 875 :-)

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