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I'm sure this has been asked before...

I am taking my exam on Tuesday the 29th at VUE testing facility.

In the Labs...are you permitted, encouraged, or prohibited from using
abbreviated commands?

Some of the lab sims I have done, have marked the lab WRONG because I use
"conf t" instead of "configure terminal" and "show run" instead of "show
running-config" and things like that.

I'm doing great with subnetting and binary/hex/decimal conversions, I have
STP and access lists pretty well figured out, and I am now in the middle of
setting up a frame relay network on one serial port and a PPP network on the
other.  I am using a set of (3) 2610 variety routers, each with 2 serial
WIC's and a E0 port for my lab practice...will these be enough for the CCNA?
The bummer is the two switches I have here are Cat 1900's (24 ports
each)...but I think MOST of the switch labs work on them...will the 1900
practice hurt me?  Should I do some study with the simulated 2950's?

My son is a CCNA already...and he's been a big when I blew away
the IOS on a couple of the routers, he simply refused to help, and only
giggled at me while I sweated out the repair process....being around IT for
a couple decades, I had backed up the IOS within seconds of getting the
routers turned on...boy did I look smart.


Re: CCNA Exam Question

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The simulations in the exams do allow shortcuts. For example, config t will
work just fine for configure terminal. Beware that sometimes the sims are
not perfect recreations of the actual IOS, however. I have run across
shortcuts that DID NOT work just because they programmed the sim wrong. But
in general - you should be fine with shortcuts. There will be NO points
subtracted because you used shortcuts.


Your home lab sounds just fine for CCNA practice.

Anthony J. Sequeira

Re: CCNA Exam Question
I suggest that you get some practice on the 2950 switch simulation. The 1900
is all but eliminated from the exam. Also the abbreviated command work fine,
but where possible enter full command to be safe.

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Re: CCNA Exam Question
A couple of more things worth mentioning about the Sims. There are
partial credit in these questions - so if you are asked to do A, B, and C
- but you do not know how to do C - be sure to do A and B and save your
configuration - you will get some points.

Also, context sensitive help is available (?) - but it operates pretty
slow - you will want to use it sparingly to not waste time!

Anthony J.Sequeira

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Re: CCNA Exam Question
On Thu, 24 May 2007 17:35:11 +0000 (UTC)
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I'd just add that checking out 'cisco-tv' on the cisco prepcenter site is
helpful. One presentation they do covers all that the other posters have
mentioned - interestingly it also points out that the presence or absence of
certain features can be a hint as to where the question wants you to go.

For example, it may be that on an actual exam sim the 'show cdp neighbor'
command doesn't work - and you can then be sure that this set of commands are
not the way forward for that question (by the way, that example isn't a hint
about the actual test one way or the other).

I'm not sure I'd agree with the post about help (?) - maybe it depends where
you take the test and the machine spec's they have. In my experience it worked
well, but YMMV. Again, if a feature isn't required, the help for that command
may be off. That surprised me, as I thought it would be the required bits that
they wanted to test you on, that they would turn off the help for. Good for
cisco! It makes up for the fact you can't go back and review questions I guess

The main gotcha is to really make sure you have answered all parts of a sim or
simlet question before moving on - sometimes it looks all done, but if you
scroll down you find a whole other set of instructions. If you haven't sat a
cisco exam before, the tutorial before the exam shows you how the different
question types work - and the same tutorial is available on the cisco site if
you want a peek beforehand.

I've posted before about when subnet-zero is needed on the exam; and now I've
sat it, I can confirm the Cisco Press Book advice on this is spot on.

Good luck!

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