CCNA 640-801 - simulator questions

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hello again,
having never taken any of the cisco exams i was hoping someone could tell me
a bit about the simulator portion.
any info at all would be helpful, but i'm really curious as to how your
answers are logged.
for instance, if you type in a inproper command ( but in the correct
syntacs ), will it accept it?
will it deny it?
will it end that particular question?
what kind of questions usually show up on a simulation?
how many are there usually?

anyone with any simulator tips would be much appreciated
thank you

Re: CCNA 640-801 - simulator questions

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When on a simulator, the simulator will tell you if a command is allowed or
not allowed.
For example if do enter  "wr"
The simulator will tell you that "write" commands are not allowed. So then
you need to know the
appropriate "copy" command.

You can forward and backwards all you want on the simulations. As long as
the job is done correctly at the end
before you move onto the next question, you will be cool.

You seem to be worried about the 'test.'   Don't.
Just know what you know. Trust in the force.
The test is not intended to trick you - it is intended to discover if you
know basic operation.
Go for it.

Re: CCNA 640-801 - simulator questions

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i'm worried...
$125 is alot of money to pay for a test witha pretty high failure rate!
it's alot of info to cover and i think the simultor  will make or break ir
for me.
thanks for your input john.
may the force be with you.

Re: CCNA 640-801 - simulator questions

edibleHorse wrote:
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well, as far as I can remember from doing the exam that there were only
a few simulators (maybe 2 or 3). The questions asked there were really
easy ones. I believe the purpose of the simulators is to tease
those people that dont have any practical experience on cisco devices.
For those who have they´re easy!


Re: CCNA 640-801 - simulator questions

Here's my 2 cents.  I am going to be taking the test this Friday, our
instructor says
the simulators are only slightly more weighted than other questions.  But he
says don't
take a lot of time doing them.  If you don't seem close after 10 minutes on
that question
move to the next.  Hopefully, he is right.


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