Help with NORDX jacks

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We had a contractor come in and do some wiring, and they used NORDX/CDT
IBDN jacks.  I think they say 6+ on them.  I have never used these, my
experience is with ATT/Lucent/Avaya/Systimax and Leviton.  So what is
the secret to taking the jacks out of the faceplate?  From what I saw,
once the jack is inserted into the faceplate, it can't be removed
simply.  Maybe it needs a special tool to remove?  This sucks.  Every
other jack I've worked with came out without a special tool.  Thanks.

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Re: Help with NORDX jacks

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Gee it's been almost two days and not a single followup.  I'm wondering
if anyone saw my original post.

Re: Help with NORDX jacks

Maybe we were hoping you had picked up the telephone and called the
contractor or a NORDX rep?

Re: Help with NORDX jacks

Try looking at the installation instructions on this page

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