Cable management products.

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This setup wasn't  my idea, just working with what i walked into.

2 --- 2 poll Racks. Side by Side with about 1 foot of space between
them. One rack has the punch downs. The other rack has the switches.
The patch cables run between them, i have them secured and bundled but
it just doesnt look good. Have a little budget money to spend, any
idea's ???

Re: Cable management products.
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Sounds like a very typical installation.  Shove it the closet and
forget about it? This is what 99% of the people do.. :)
Afterall, most people shouldn't need to touch it much, or do any changes.
I rarely see my wiring closet for the floor I'm on (and responsible for).
I've been in there once in the last 6 months?

Otherwise, get different lengths of patch cables (ie. you can easily
get them in one foot increments.) and lots and lots of velcro straps.
Get some horizontal tie bars to tie the velcro to. They also have
velcro straps with gromits in them so you can put a rack screw through
them and tie it down to one of the rails.

Get the cabling all running parallel, and tie it with the velcro every
4-5 inches. Put the slack in a big loop tied neatly with the velcro
down the middle.

Another way I've seen it is to get those cable management dionosaur
duct finger compartments (ie.
They make rack mount versions too.

And shove all the extra slack from each length in the compartment, and
the cables feed out through the fingers into the switches. I don't
like these as much as tracing and untangling the patch cords gets to
be quite a bother. I'd rather have it out in the open tied neatly.

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