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I recently purchased an SMC8013WG. I have it hooked up via Comcast and

I have a motorola WR850G wireless router connected to the WAN port on

the modem.

big grin This modem has the wireless function disabled (no card

installed). I am surfing the. net with this setup and it works fine.

However, comcast seems to have trouble with it on their end. They

cannot (or maybe will not) set up a user name and password for an

email account. :angry:  I have spent days on the phone with them to

no avail.:mad:  :puke: I am disgusted. They say the problem is with

the modems firmware (which is the latest according to SMC), something

about a bad MAC address. I have accessed the web interface for the

modems settings and given them all of the info including the WAN IP

address they asked for. All I want to do is get my email account set

up. I am paying for another dialup just to keep my email account

active until they make this work. :angry:

I know there have been problems with this modem for comcast in CA but

I need to know if anyone is using this modem in CA with Comcast as an

ISP and has overcome a similar problem??

In the mean time they are willing to let me keep surfing the net for

free.   :smirk:  :lol:

Re: Comcast

jake62 wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This modem has an integrated router that is currently not supported by
Comcast. While Comcast will support this modem's connectivity to the
Internet, please direct any issues with the router or wireless Internet
functionality to the vendor.
[end quote]

It is possible that what you are writing is correct, but I seriously
doubt the veracity of your story.  I have dealt with Comcast on modem
issues and they either will gladly provision the modem or will not
provision the modem for very good reasons.  One reason for not
provisioning the modem is that it is registered to an account that has
billing issues.  I suspect you know that this is the problem.


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