Need help with Alcatel Speedtouch Home DSL modem

I bought one of these recently for $5 to have as a spare in case mine ever bites the dust, but I fear it may never work for me. I have BellSouth DSL, and found a nice website with screen shots of how the modem needs to be configured, but the one I bought doesn't have exactly the same screens, and won't let me set up the proper Bridging Port (Says "Cannot create port", or something to that effect). After a bit of research, I fear this may be an old model that's just not going to work. The sticker on the bottom says "WARRANTY EXP APR

2001", and below that, "Speed Touch Home Network Terminator" - no indication of whether it's POTS or ISDN. The firmware version is KHDSAA.108. I found another nice website with newer firmware, version .261, which I downloaded, and attempted to upgrade, but when it rebooted, the red light came on solid for a time, then it booted again, and when it came up, had reverted back to the old version.

Anyone know anything about these? Is this thing usable, or should I junk it?

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