Naked DSL in Boston - how to sign up?

The Boston area newspapers are reporting naked Verizon DSL to be available in the Boston area. Verizon's website makes no mention of it, and customer service claims no knowledge (maybe deliberately to not lose business).

I am a Verizon land line / DSL customer, and want to switch to naked Verizon DSL with Vonage, and port the landline number over.

1) is this possible 2) if so, what sequence of steps are necessary to set this up


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Per mvl_groups

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DSL on a pair of wires that's not carrying POTS. The telcos really hate the idea, and make it hard to come by...

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William P. N. Smith

mvl_groups () wrote in news:

Around here, the official name is "stand alone DSL"; maybe that's what the service rep knows it by.

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Bert Hyman

Per William P. N. Smith:

Is there a performance advantage? Or is it something like a user gone over to

100% cellular for their phone service?
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If there wasnt any advantage somewhere, there would be no reason for it, yes?? Like W.Smith stated, it is likely the only way to get dsl service for those who cant get it thru typical means and are likely "willing" to pay for it...


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