Is dsl technology getting better?

Hi all,

Is dsl technology getting any better reguarding distance from the office? I am a half mile too far and nobody seems to know if this will expand some day.

Regards, George

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Getting better! Yes indeed it is. But, I think speed-, bandwidth-wise, not much on the distance front.


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The xdsl is a set of standards and won't change but there is new hardware. Providing dsl within a given companys area it has to do with economics of modifying the outside plant facilities to give a new batch of customers access to xdsl.

There is hardware out there to provide dsl on a given circuit a long distance. Some folks inside big cities can be in that land where too few, too far. Cable modems have provided a lot of competition in cities and also wireless broadband service. If you are in a city I'd look for an alternative.

Charles Gowder

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