Belkin F5D5230-4 Router lost administrator password tip.

I bought a supposedly new Belkin router, but when I opened it , it was
obviously a repack. When I tried to access the configuration screen,
I was locked out by the previous owner's password. Trying various
reset scenarios didn't allow access. I called Belkin's support line
and they said that the router had to be sent back to clear the
password. Before giving up I accessed the password screen and tried
to log in repeatedly while rapidly tapping the reset button. After a
minute or so, the configuration page popped up and I was able to
configure the router and set a new password. Perhaps this process
will work with other routers that supposedly don't allow a password
reset. Chuck
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So much for security :-( But the marketing dipsoids can now claim a new 'convenience' feature :-)
-- Pete Gebel pfgebel(deletethis)@crisperiodcom Have the best day possible - all things considered
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