Belkin F5D7632-4 Port settings help

Im trying to use Azureus to download some torrent files, but i seem to
have a NAT Error problem.
I cant seem to find out how to open the ports req'd to allow torrents
to upload / download.
Can anyone please advise on this model??
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- type in your question, press search nd red answers. That's if you're not using UNPNP.
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Open a browser to (I think that is Belkin's default IP address, if not, consult the user manual). You need to access Virtual Servers. Set one port to forward to the downloading computer's IP address, both TCP and UDP. Bittorent defaults to port 6881 but set your torrent app and the Belkin port forwarding to some other random port. Use 15312 (as an example) or other port to prevent your ISP from throttling the download.
While you are in the router setup, change the default password.
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(These can all be easily found from Azureus Help.)
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