Yahoo and Google go mobile

Excerpt from Times Online:

November 07, 2005

By Rhys Blakely

Mobile phones may yet fulfill the potential foreseen during the dot-com boom, following reports that Yahoo and Google are to roll out services through wireless networks.

To date mobile internet - or "3G" - services have proved a disappointment for users, who have had to contend with patchy network coverage and lengthy download times.

Telecoms companies paid ?2.5 billion in 3G license fees in the UK alone, hoping to cash in on the new market. But half a decade later a study by Ofcom, the telecoms watchdog, found that 85 per cent of the British population did not know what "3G" meant.

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As usual, you just can't pass up a chance to be snide, can you?

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John Navas

Agree, most of the dot-com "potential" was just pure hype and spin.

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Not really. There were some spectacular failures during the boom/bust years and people with more marketing prowess than anything else, who made the whole industry look bad. That doesn't mean anything online that purports to offer an interesting service is automatically "bunk".

Also, the way the article reference is written, in a way, is a return to the "bad days" (publications like "Fast Company", "Business 2.0" and "Red Herring" come to mind) where anything remotely connected to the internet, or data networks is imbued with all sorts of "cool" catchwords like "3G", and "Dotcom" etc., rather than just talking about whatever the h*ll the product *does* - and more importantly, whether it's *useful* or not.

It takes little knowledge or insight to write about Yahoo or Google. It's like a business writer writing about Walmart: everyone talks about them, news is everywhere, everyone writes about them, who cares?

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