WRT54GL : how to detect firmware ?

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine just get a WRT54GL from his internet provider. This router allows correct access to basic internet services (dns, http, pop, ...), but it doesn't allow access to the usual configuration page by http://192.168.1.x/ Any idea about a _simple_ way to know which is the firmware ? The linksys official or DD-WRT, Ewrt, Freifunk, HyperWRT, OpenWRT, Sveasoft, TinyPEAP, Thibor ... ?

(I mean _simple_ because my friend is not an expert)

Thanks a lot

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Are you sure that address will work? The 3rd # in the quad is the question.

Otoh, you could check the IP config of a pc it's provided DHCP service to, and then GET relevant "page." Hint: it could well be


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kato fong hath wroth:

Yeah, brain surgery for beginners. Great concept.

They could have just changed the default IP address:

  1. Plug a comptah via ethernet into a LAN port #1. Don't try this via wireless as there's a setting to disable wireless config.
  2. Set the computer to get it's IP address via DHCP (the default).
  3. Wait a minute until the computer gets the IP address.
  4. Start -> Run -> cmd ipconfig
  5. The IP of the router is the IP address of the "default gatway"

I'll assume it's First try: see if they work. If they don't try it again with the other 3 LAN ports. If the router is setup for a VLAN (a likely config for a wireless ISP), then each port might be individually configured to allow management.

They may also have changed the default HTTP port from 80 to something else. Try 8080 or just scan the gateway IP with a port scanner to see what ports are open.

If that doesn't work, try to telnet to the usualy managment port with: telnet 8080 You can sometimes identify the OS by the telnet or SSH prompt. For exmple, my DD-WRT based router returns:

DD-WRT v23 SP3 std (c) 2007 NewMedia-NET GmbH Release: 07/21/07 (SVN revision: 7509)

DD-WRT login:

If that doesn't work, try attacking the router with putty (an SSH client) and NMAP (a port scanner). I think these are above the ability of total beginners and you're stuck with helping.

If the ISP was wise enough to keep people out of their routers, you can be sure they setup a proper password to enforce their TOS. You may end up with a connection, but no login.

I'll bet on OpenWRT as the web server interface is usually optional. OpenWRT is normally configured from an SSH client. Try Putty.

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Jeff Liebermann

Jeff Liebermann a écrit :

Hi Jeff,

Thanks a lot for your helpful answer !

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