Would the Dell B130 be sufficient to run MSN Premium

Im considering buying a Dell B130 Laptop to run my DSL MSN Premium,However I would upgrade to 1GB DDR2 Dimm memory & a 80GB

5400rpm Hard Drive.Would this be considered enough power to do this?I`m new to this,Maybe somebody out there knows?
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You would find you would be able to run MSN Premium on practically any computer available now.

The question is really why you pay MSN? Their customer service is appalling at the best of times, and I dont' see any advantage. If someone would care to list the advantages of MSN premium I'm sure many others would be able to show an even better product for free.

In short, yes you can run MSN premium on what you have described.

I have no experience with the Dell B130 laptop, and you should know laptop upgrades are expensive and not always compatible


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Eli Coten

I appreciate your input you sound very knowegable,I`ve had a very good experience with MSN.I get mine through Qwest and I have actually spent hours on the phone with some of the customer service,they not only help me with my MSN Premium but other computer related problems as well.I`m going to order the Dell B130, Thanks!!!!!!! Inbodyelces input would be much appreciated as well.

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