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I'm trying to install a WiFi network in my house and I am encountering a problem. I have one access point and I want another computer to share internet access. Basically the system works, for a few minutes, maybe 2 or 3, and then the connection is lost. The behavior is somewhat irregular, sometimes it drops out sooner, sometimes later. The remote computer is on a different level of the house so the signal strength reads as "weak" but as I mentioned it does work part of the time and it's pretty fast when it works. I thought that boosting the signal strength might help so I bought a Hawking directional antenna. This does help a little to boost the signal strength that the system reports (it's supposed to give 15 db gain over an omnidirectional antenna) but the connection still drops out. I have tried two different adapter cards (listed below) they behave similarly. Anybody able to hep me with this?

Ralph J. Pledger Eugene, Oregon

D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G (DWL-G520) Trendnet (TEW-421PC)

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On 19 Jul 2006 22:55:29 -0700, "RJP" wrote in :

Sounds like interference, which a high-gain antenna may not fix. Try different channels, and see the wikis below.

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John Navas

Also might be worth trying one of the various Pre N model routers - The extra range helped me eliminate the same problem that you are describing.

Although a Pre N router will improve signal strength to maximise the benefit its best to have Pre N at either end i.e. also use a Pre N card for the notebook or PC.

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Stuart Riches

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