Wireless Authentication and SID

Scenario - Windows 2000 Domain called ABC.com using IAS policies with PEAP authentication.

Question - Does the authentication of a wireless client go as deep as the SID of the client to authenticate? Or just the computer and user account info?

Could somebody create a domain the same as ABC.com and join their laptop to that domain using the same computer name, username and password as a computer on the real ABC.com domain. Then go into the building of ABC and get authenticated successfully onto the real ABC.com wireless network?

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No SID is used, which would authenticate the machine, not the user. IAS is Microsoft's implimentation of RADIUS authentication.

There's a sample transaction that gives an idea of what gets sent. It varies by the type of connection.

No. Authentication would fail at the RADIUS authenticator and MS-CHAP challenge steps. What's missing is that the spoofed client does not have a valid certificate. See above URL under "authentication process". Note that the SID (system ID) is used with AD (Active Directory) forests, which you're probably not running on W2K server.

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