WiFi Signal strength

I have an Imac G5, system 10.4.8 with Airport Extreme, no Base Station.

> I am at a RV Park which has "TengoInternet" as a wireless ISP, ( > "Linksys" is another ISP available). My imac will log on to the > services, but the signal is to weak to do anything, but drop me. Yes I am a

registere user on "Tengo"

PC people say I need an external USB antena booster. > What can I do to increase the signal strength, Yes! I know move to > another site.. Buy a PC.. etc... But these are not viable options. > So if you know a product that will work with my iMac to increase the > signal strength, would you please share that info with me.
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Duane in Hillman
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On 13 Nov 2006 13:48:28 -0800, "Duane in Hillman" wrote in :

registere user on "Tengo"

Directional high-gain antenna.

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John Navas

Tengo is garbage Ive been at whispering palms in tucson for a month and I get service maybe 15 minutes per day ...they have some serious problems and calls to support do nothing move to another park that has a better internet provider it isnt you its them!

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