WiFi on IBM T60 - Linux!

Hey everyone...

I'm NOT a Linux-freek, but I've just found BackTracker2, and I'm very interested in trying it. But when I start BackTracker2 up on CD, I don't seem to have any WLAN-adapters... iwconfig says: "eth0: no wireless extensions"

I would think, that somewhere in iwconfig, it should say somthing about wlan0 or ath0 instead???

The WiFi-control-light (just below the screen on the laptop) isn't on either!

I've checked the BIOS, and all network adaptors is enabled at startup.

Can anyone tell me, what to do?????????????

PS: BackTracker2 does support the IBM T60...

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On Sun, 10 Jun 2007 23:48:50 -0400, GandalfG wrote in :

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John Navas

Booted from CDROM might be quite different from the installed set. Or is this a "liveCD" bootable run environment? Maybe there are specific command line switches that you need.

One of my non-thinkpad laptops identified my Prism WiFi as eth0, and my wired LAN as eth1. That worked okay with FC6 with no external drivers. Another laptop with an ar5-something DLink card identified ath0, but that was from an add-on driver, not a set from the RHEL install.

My T60 has an AR-5211. You might wander over to MadWifi.org to look for support.

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