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The determining factor is what "live close to my house" means in terms of a 2.4GHz wireless radio path. "Line of sight" is the operative consideration. If you can't see them with your eyes, it won't work.

If any one of these houses is sitting on a hill and has visual line of sight to all of them, you can probably do what you want. If each of these homes happens to have a second story window that faces a second story window at the central location, it will be relatively easy and inexpensive.

Otherwise you need to create that line of sight, using towers or whatever, and it might not be reasonable.

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Floyd L. Davidson
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I am currantly thinking of setting up a wireless network with three of

my relatives who live close to my house. The furthest is a half mile


I am setting this up to use it both for sharing broadband and for

sharing files and such. The broadband i am thinking of getting is

'Breeze 1MB Lite'

formatting link

I would just like to know the best way to go about this and what I

would need to do this.

Please explain clearly as I am not too familiar with WiFi.



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