1231G Bridge

Am tasked with setting up a temporary bridge with 2 1231G APs. Not too familiar with configuration of these and can't seem to find any config guides for setting up a simple bridge. Short range bridge config would be (External Router - AP - Wireless - AP - Firewall - LAN)

It looks like it should be possible due to the comments from the cisco site on these APs:

"In addition, when running Cisco IOS Software the Cisco Aironet 1200 Series supports link role flexibility which provides both access point and bridge functionality through configuration of each radio as an access point, repeater, root bridge, non-root bridge, or workgroup bridge. "

But before I dive head-first into this, I want to make "sure" it is possible and hopefully find a config guide for this.


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Try googling for it. I used: cisco aironet 1200 bridge configuration example the first link looks like what you need.

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I have a 1242 running as a bridge, no problems. I presume you can do the same with a 1231 since it runs the same code.


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