Wi-Fi Underground Revolutionaries

A very good summary of the grass roots community wireless Internet movement:

"The idea of building citywide wireless networks from the community level was suspiciously simple back in 2000, though the plans sounded like the work of underground revolutionaries.

"All of us were very idealistic, and all quite strongly opinionated," said Adam Shand, founder of The Personal Telco Project

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which had visions of such a network in Portland, Ore.

Seattle Wireless

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probably represents one of the highest achievements in the area of neutrality, because they've built a network of what looks like now over a dozen nodes that use an open-source mesh routing protocol to create a neutral medium....."

Read the New York Times Article:

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Also at Cnet:
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Glenn Fleishman's Blog:
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Frank Keeney

Antennas, Cables and Equipment:

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