What causes the NOISE in Signal to Noise?

Many times my connection will be lost and I'll check available ones, which mine will be present. However, I am not able to connect to it and I'll see that the noise is higher than the signal. Nothing is changing in my apartment ... nothing is turned on or off. There is a 5.8Ghz phone near the wireless modem, but that is not supposed to interfere.

The connection will stay off and then come back on sometimes ... other times it seems repairing the connection works.

Anyone have an idea of what is going on?

Thanks, John

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There are countless sources of electromagnetic radiation (it started with the Big Bang) and most of them are outside of your apartment and beyond your control. Try another channel.


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Lots of things that aren't supposed to happen, happen nonetheless.

Consumer electronics products aren't designed to handle RF interference particularly well, and even a low-powered signal can really mess up nearby equipment, regardless of what frequency any of it is supposed to operate on.

How near is "near"? My 2.4GHz AP sits next to my Dish Network satellite receiver and sometimes interferes with the 800MHz remote control circuit if the video cables get moved into just the wrong position.

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