Westel 7500 Modem/Router WiFi Issue


I have 2 identical Westel 7500 DSL modem/routers. One I have been using for

11 years. The other is my backup in case something goes wrong with my first one. Note: Every two years, I "power up" the backup for a little while.

I decided to switch my "backup" modem and use that for now on. I made sure that the WiFi settings are EXACTLY the same (DOUBLE CHECKED). That includes the Channel number (11) and every bit of the Advance settings. The ONLY difference between the two is the WEP key. Since WPA is selected, I figured the WEP key difference should not mater.


Note: I have SSID broadcasting turned OFF on both units.

Using my spare modem/router, I have NO trouble connecting via my Samsung tablets (WiFi). I have NO trouble WiFi connecting via 2 Roku streaming sticks on TVs.

However, I can NOT connect using 3 laptops (WiFi) that I use to connect (WiFi) to the "original" modem/router!!!!!!

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank You in advance, John

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The Westel 7500 DSL modem has a FLAW. There is an OMISSION in the WiFi summary window that is suppose to show all the settings WPA or WEP, Key, etc. Data Encrypt TKIP, AES, etc. is NOT displayed

To find out what the Data encrypt is, you have to change to WEP, then click Apply. Next, turn off WEP, then click Apply. Then select WPA, and click Apply. Now a "hidden" window opens that is titled WPA.

Within that window is the Data Encrypt setting which was set to "TKIP" in the backup modem, but "AES" in the modem I have been using for a long time. After I changed it to "AES", and clicked Apply. I now can access this backup modem with everything I did with the original modem.

Note: One WinXP laptop, I was able to connect (WiFi) with the "TKIP" Data encryption.


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