Wep vs WPA: Linksys WRT54GS

WPA vs WEP....which is better and why? What settings do you recommend for WPA? Currently using WEP 128 bit.

Please advise.

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I have a wrt54g and have ran in both modes. I really didnt see a big difference in speed loss. WPA si more secure due to the fact that the wep key can be cracked fairly easier with programs available on the web.

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Not everyone here will agree with me but for a home network I would suggest that 128bit WEP is sufficient unless there is anything particularly critical stored on your system.

Other than that WPA-PSK would seem to provide a more secure alternative and is generally pretty easy to implement. There is a slight increase in processing overheads which is likely to take

1-3mbit/sec off your throughput (it varies from unit to unit) but, providing you use a long and jumbled key, it should very considerably increase security.

I cannot offer any advice on how it is implemented using the unit to which you refer.

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