using Netgear PS401 wireless card in a notebook PC

I posted the message at the bottom a while back while looking for answers. A reader replied with a solution, and I have received enough email asking about this that I figured I'd just post the solution here.

To get the Netgear PS401 wireless card to work in a notebook/desktop PC, download the latest drivers from Netgear's website for the MA401 card, then open the NETMA401.INF file in notepad for editing. Change every instance of "MA401" to "PS401" and save the file. All you need to do now is manually install the drivers for the new card (choose the "have disk" option and navigate to the folder where you saved the driver files). (I used the WINXP folder -- the drivers I downloaded have the line "DriverVer = 06/29/2002, 2.0.2" in that .INF file)

After installation of the driver, the card should function exactly like a MA401 and allow you to connect to your wireless network.

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Subject: using Netgear PS401 wireless card in a notebook PC? > >I just received my free Netgear PS401 wireless LAN card as part of the >PS111W print server rebate and am a little sad to see "For use with >Netgear PS111W only" printed on the card. No drivers shipped with the >card, and I can't seem to get the MA401 drivers available on their >website to work. Does anyone know of a way to make this work? I have >a wireless router that I bought with the idea of using my laptop >outside on nice ways in mind, and got the PS111W print server with the >intention of using it wired to my 100mbps network while using the free >PC card in the laptop. If this can't be made to work in the laptop >it's virtually useless to me since I already ran networking cable to >my basement where the plotter is located and see no advantage to >running a wireless 11mbps print server over a wired 100mbps LAN.
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