Tx and RX or just Tx?

Is this antena, only for receiving or also for transmitting a wireless signal? (signal extension) Thanks Vinnie

" 5.1-5.9GHz 21dBi directional panel antenna:

Newly designed 5.1~5.9GHz 21dBi directional panel antenna for both

5.25~5.35 and 5.8~5.9GHz band.

Brand new from manufacturer. Works very will for all 5GHz 802.11a radios including WiFi, Breezecom, Alvarion, Cisco, Orinoco, Linksys and Dlink etc.

***See specs sheet below for details***

Technical Specifications


1 Frequency Range 5100 - 5900 MHz 2 Impedance 50 W 3 VSWR (or Return Loss) < 1.5:1 ( or > 14dB) 4 Gain >21dBi 5 Polarization Vertical, Linear 6 3dB Horizontal Beamwidth 12 Degrees 7 3dB Vertical Beamwidth 16 Degrees 8 Front to Back Ratio >35dB 9 Max. Power Input 20W 10 Connector N Female, Bottom Feed Or Custom Design 11 Appearance Panel Type 12 Size 8 x 11.5 x 1 [inch] 13 Housing Material Powder Coated Aluminum 14 Radom Material ABS with UV Protection 15 Radom Color White 16 Case Design Water Resistance 17 Weight 2.5 Lb 18 Wind Loading (Frontal) > 10Kg 200km/h 19 Temperature Range -45 to +75 Degrees 20 Storage Temperature -30 to +75 Degrees 21 Lighting Protection Direct Grounding 22 Mounting Hardware Clamp Set 23 Life Expectancy 20 years "
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