Getting the TX/RX counters from SNMP

I did a complete SNMP walk of a device. I'm trying to determine where the Sup IIIG cards are located on the device.

For example, here?s what one device returned to me: UNIX> grep "X5550" cat.dmp entityMIB.entityMIBObjects.entityPhysical.entPhysicalTable.entPhysicalEntry.entPhysicalDescr.1000 : DISPLAY STRING- (ascii): WS-X5550 1000BaseX Supervisor IIIG Rev. 1.2 entityMIB.entityMIBObjects.entityPhysical.entPhysicalTable.entPhysicalEntry.entPhysicalDescr.3000 : DISPLAY STRING- (ascii): WS-X5550 1000BaseX Supervisor IIIG Rev. 1.2 cisco.workgroup.ciscoStackMIB.moduleGrp.moduleTable.moduleEntry.moduleModel.1 : DISPLAY STRING- (ascii): WS-X5550 cisco.workgroup.ciscoStackMIB.moduleGrp.moduleTable.moduleEntry.moduleModel.2 : DISPLAY STRING- (ascii): WS-X5550

I'm not sure what the 1000 and 3000 represent? Or perhaps the "moduleModel.1" is something I need instead?

Now, I'm having a problem trying to map the errors to the correct card/port though.

From SNMP: ... transmission.dot3.dot3StatsTable.dot3StatsEntry.dot3StatsInternalMacTransmitErrors.3 : Counter: 0 transmission.dot3.dot3StatsTable.dot3StatsEntry.dot3StatsInternalMacTransmitErrors.4 : Counter: 0 ...

The count/integer starts at 3 for this particular CAT?

How can I determine programatically what is the correct port/interface that I need to query to get the transmit/receive errors for the ports associated with the Sup IIIG?


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Marco Shaw
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The SNMP index numbers are assigned arbitrarily and may be different from one boot to the next. I think that the newer kit may have a better scheme.

You need to look at

I am not sure how to drive it all properly but if you do a walk of You will see that by using the results from and

You could figure out the index of each interface.

Ther are very likely Cisco Private equivalents.

3750 that I am looking at has what appears to be a better scheme

Index Int

1 Vl1 100 Vl100 10101 Gi 1/0/1 10128 Gi 1/0/28 10601 Gi 2/0/1 11101 Gi 3/0/1 ...

So maybe they don't randomly change in this case.

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